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Geology of the Glasco Field

The #1 Maria is situated in the Glasco Field Extension located along the northern flank of the Midland Basin on the Glasco faulted, anticlinal structure in Gaines and Andrews Counties, Texas. Both the Devonian and Ellenberger Formations are found productive on this anticlinal trend and both formations are prospective on the Glasco feature.

The primary objective of the #1 Maria was the prolific Devonian Formation. The deeper Ellenburger formation is a secondary objective in years to come. Both the Devonian and Ellenburger formations are karsted ramp carbonates, which are typically found extremely productive on closed and faulted anticlinal features in the region. They both produce as bottom water drive formations. The geological and geophysical evidence for the #1 Maria supported this anticlinal anomaly.

Structural anticlinal features of the Devonian Formation tend to over-lay Ellenburger structural trends throughout the Midland Basin region. The Devonian Formation is overlain by the Woodford shale, as the Ellenburger Formation is overlain by the Simpson shale. Both shales act as hydrocarbon source beds as well as seals to hydrocarbon migration. The rock quality is dolomized, with vertical fractures, horzontal fractures, large and small vugs, pin point porosity and excellent matrix porosity.

The nearest significant Devonian and Ellenburger production was noted occurring in the Glasco Field, adjacent to the Glasco Extension Field. The Glasco field was discovered in 1953 and has produced over 20.97 million barrels of oil from 28 Devonian wells, which is an average of 748,000 barrels per well in the field. The Ellenburger Formation was discovered to be productive in the mid 1980's by deepening older Devonian producers, and has produced over 2.7 million barrels of oil. Estimated ultimate oil recovery for the Ellenburger Formation is 500, 000 per well.

The #1 Maria was a successful Devonian completion. As planned, two additional Devonian wells will be drilled followed by two Ellenburger wells. Using the established averages for Devonian and Ellenburger completions, Sloan/EGL expects to recover in excess of three (3) million barrels of oil.
The Glasco Field and Extension
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