Prospect History

 The  #1 Maria was preceded on the Glasco Extension prospect by the #1 L.L. Butler, drilled by Harrison Interests Ltd, in the fall of 1991. The #1 L.L. Butler is located 467' FSL and 1246' FEL of Section 29, Block A-19, P.S.L. Survey in Andrews and Gaines Co's. and was drilled to a total depth of 13,827 ft.

The #1 L.L. Butler encountered the top of the Devonian Formation and the top of the Devonian porosity at 12,564 feet. The top of the Devonian Formation conformed perfectly to the top of the main Glasco Fields' structural Devonian setting. An oil-water contact was established for the Devonian Formation at 12,650 feet. The oil-water contact also fit the conformity of oil-water for the entire Glasco Field.

The Harrison Interests Ltd. #1 L.L. Butler established the eastern fault block of the Glasco Devonian Field. It encountered 86 feet of oil pay in the Devonian Formation and proved that the eastern fault block of the field showed no signs of depletion. While attempting to drill to the Ellenburger formation, the Devonian formation was severely damaged. 19 days of remediation proved futile and the well was eventually capped and not completed.

Thus set the stage for #1 Maria. Del Sloan of Sloan Petroleum spent many years, along with Wes Perry of Perry & Perry Petroleum Land Services, and EGL Resources in negotiating and buying the leases covering the 1/2 section on which #1 Maria was drilled.

#1 Maria Lease Plat

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#1 Maria Staked  
The site is staked and the rig and lease signs are posted. The #1 Maria is ready for the Norton Drilling rig #15 to spud the well.
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