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Drilling #1 Maria

Drilling on the #1 Maria began on July 27, 1999 with Norton Rig #15 contracted to complete the well to the Devonian formation. Drilling went well with no major problems. In fact the Crew of Norton Rig #15 were presented with an award from the Hughes Tool Co. for drilling the most footage ever with an HC-37J bit. A WORLDS RECORD! Mud logging by Discovery Mudloggers commenced at 10,000 ft. and all formations were encountered on schedule, although somewhat higher than the #1 L.L. Butler well, indicating that #1 Maria was higher on the anticlinal formation, a good sign. As drilling neared the 12,000 ft. depth, anticipation mounted in preparation for encountering the Woodford Shale, the overlaying formation to the Devonian and one that could cause real problems.

Oil Well Spud llllllSpudding #1 Maria

Pipe is stacked on the rig floor as the Norton crew pulls the drill string to change drill bits.
Stacked Pipe
Dog House

Drilling Engineer Darren Seglem consults the pipe count in the 'dog house' to determine the exact drilling depth.

 Drilling can be dangerous business. This sign is posted to warn of the danger of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas. The green flag indicates that conditions are safe.
H2S Gas Warning
Max power
Massive "Cat" diesel engines use maximum power to pull two miles of drill pipe out of the hole.

The last section of pipe is drilled down as the #1 Maria approaches "target depth" of 12,576 Ft.

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