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Completing #1 Maria

After one month of drilling, the Woodford Shale Formation was encountered, indicating that the Devonian formation was just below. Extra care was taken in drilling thru this shale as it had caused problems on the #1 L.L. Butler some years earlier. Although very hard,the shale is very brittle and tends to "slough" off into the well bore. The drilling of this shale was critical to the success of #1 Maria and so the drilling rate was greatly reduced. Discovery Mud Logging had been tracking the progress of the drilling since 10, 000 ft. and were of great assistance in identifying formation types and their composition.

By using logs from the #1 L.L. Butler, as a comparison, geologist Del Sloan was able to predict with great accuracy the top of the Devonian formation. Using computerized logging equipment, the rate of drilling can be observed and thus the type of rock identified. Cuttings from 'downhole' affirm this identification. This rate helped the team determine when the Devonian had been encountered, as seen in the MudLog below.

The well officially achieved "TD" on 27 August at a depth of 12,576 ft. At that time the well bore was 'shut in' and a Drill Stem Test (DST) was performed to test for hydrocarbon flow and pressure. The results were impressive and the decision was made to complete the #1 Maria. In subsequent days, pumping equipment was installed. Again the well was 'shut in' and tested for potential. The well achieved 543 barrels of oil and no water was produced. The #1 Maria was a success.

Mud Log -------TD Mud Log
Two and one-half miles of drill pipe is stacked after reaching TD, prior to the Drill Stem Test.
 Stacked pipe
Drilling engineer and mud-logger analyze cuttings from 'bottom hole'.
Oil floats on the mud pits after the well was shut-in and a Drill Stem Test was performed to measure flow and pressure.
 Oil on the Mud Pits
 #1 Maria is potentialed at 543 barrels of oil/day with no water. A completed Devonian producer.
One of the proud owners stands before the completed 'tank battery' and pumping unit of #1 Maria.
 Tank Battery
 Well Bore Profile  Completed Well Bore Profile
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